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 + What is the name of your favorite teacher and why is he/she the favorite? Atimango Lillian\\ \\  Hello Atimango,\\ \\  My name is Patrick Ridenour and my favorite teacher is a man named Dr. Malone. I like him for several reasons, for one he is always willing to answer my questions. Having a teacher that answers questions is invaluable because it enables me to better understand the material. Another reason why he's my favorite is his extensive and detailed lessons that he gives almost daily. He writes example problems on the chalk board and explains how and why he did what he did. This is also very important because calculus (the class I have him as a teacher) is very tricky and without help its nearly impossible to understand. And third reason why I like him is because of his unique sense of humor. He always has his special phrases that relate to math and language. For example, when someone says '​well'​ he nearly always responds with "​that'​s a deep subject!"​ (get it?). This keeps the lessons fun and entertaining.\\ \\  Cheers
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