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 + What is the name of your School and why do you like your school? Adokorac Marion 12yrs\\ \\  Hi Adokorac, my name is Josh Thomas, and I go to Trinity School at Greenlawn, there is a picture of it below. It is located in South Bend, Indiana. I like my school because of all of my friends at Trinity. There is normally only 9 or 10 guys in my classroom at one time, and sometimes we have classes with the girls. My school only has about 200 people that go there, which is very small for a school in this area. Trinity is a private school, which means that not everyone is able to attend there. Most schools in this area are public schools, which means that anyone can go to those schools. Most public schools have one thousand to several thousand students attending there, and can have about 20 students in a class, and only see each other for one class a day. Another reason that I like my school is that because of our smaller classes, it is easier for me to bond with my classmates, and become better friends with them.\\ \\  Tell me about your school: how many people go there? how long does it take you to get there? As much as you can say, please do.{{::​trinity_picture.jpg?​nolink&​616}}s
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