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 +{{::​boutique.jpg?​nolink&​800}}\\ \\  Ageno Doreen is a 25 year old lady running this boutique known as DOREEN'​S BOUTIQUE.She shop is located on school road. Doreen is in business in order to take advantage of some business opportunity. Doreen is a senior six leaver. She has been in business for 5 years.In this business, she sells ladies'​ and children'​s wears. Doreen is a sole trader. She claims that she is alone in this business because she feels being alone gives her maximum time to try her own ability in doing thins. She says she feel safer running the business alone. She prefers to have all profits and loses for herself. she said she got started when her father also a business man gave her some money to run her own business. Her father had seen how she helped him in his shop when she was still at school. She got the background and skills to run this type of business from her father.\\ \\  " I keep records of all sales and purchases that I do. Although sometimes I feel really tired after a day's work, I do not go to bed without my records done," says Doreen. She said that she that she always consult her records when deciding on what goods to buy. She said without consulting records, one may purchase what one will find irrelevant at a particular period of time. " With my type of business, I can not do without a written budget so I always have a written budget,"​ narrates Doreen.She also said that she does formal accounting practice.\\ \\  Doreen says she knows her competitors very well. They are very many. I know their strengths and weaknesses. "I know those to whom I can not offer competition at this time. They are more experienced,​ have more capital and customers. They play about with prices and do not seem to decline in any way. But I don't need to shrink. I keep on doing my best and one day I shall be like them.|"​ said Doreen. She said she does some advertisement. Her skillful display with some of her products outdoors, makes her customers come to her. Doreen says her business is strategically located. Being on a busy street she expects to have some customers everyday. The location is averagely safe from burglary. Doreen says she still trusts her father more any other person for this she goes back to him for business advice. She says after paying rent and taxes, she banks most of her profiys. She is drafting her Business Plan and Mission Statement. Doreen does not have employees yet.\\ \\  Doreen'​s suppliers are wholesalers in Kampala. She says she prefers to buy products from Kampala because they are much cheaper than the suppliers in Gulu. She also adds that the suppliers in Kampala do not run short of stock. Having no transport of her own, Doreen uses public means or sometimes hired trucks. She has friends in Kampala so she get information about the best persons to buy from through these friends. She says she does not want to get goods from her suppliers on credit although they may accept to give her on credit. Doreen'​s customers are mainly womenwho come to buy clothes for their children and for themselves. Men also come accompanied by their wives or friends. Doreen says she ahs some trusted customers to whom she gives out goods on credit. "But this is limited to only those I know very well.\\ ​ Doreen'​s challenges are:​\\ ​
 +  * inadequate capital for investment
 +  * too much competition
 +  * she does not get enough customers
 +Doreen plans to get a bank loan in order to solve her capital issue. She hopes to get more customers once her stock increases.
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