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 +| **One of the good things that people acquired from the camp is the commitment to God. Many christians'​ faith had eroded away and so needed to be drawn to prayer. Unbaptised youths joined the evening classes in preparation for baptism and were baptised. Couples that had long since been joined through traditional marriage came and took "​vows"​ in the house of the creator. What I am writing is not what is past but what is happening even now.\\ \\  Church attendance on Sundays is amazingly high. The liturgy became more lively with a large performing choir. The liturgical dancers do add to the ornament of the service. During the vacations students--especially those in the scholarship program--take turns in reading the word of God. All is beautiful.\\ \\  I can not leave mention of the Lay Apostles who endevoured to see that the moral fibre of the people didn't degenerate completely. Their efforts to conduct prayers of the rosary were commendable.\\ \\  Our catechists at Pagak didn't leave their flock unattended to.They kept with us at all these trying times. May the Good Lord reward them abundantly.\\ \\  What will happen as the people go home is yet unpredictable. The church will be some distance away; the catechists will not be at arms-reach. But all the same WITH GOD NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.\\ \\  Thank you\\  JOKONDINO**\\ {{::​liturgical_dancers.jpg?​nolink&​324}}\\ {{::​img_0368.jpg?​nolink&​313}}\\ |
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