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 +\\ **By Omony John Bosco\\ ​ Pabo Northern Uganda**\\ ​ This is the Pabo Education home page.\\ ​ The catholic church should be praise for the good work being done in the promtion of the education.\\ ​ Today there are people challenging the government due to the poor education at the primary level in Uganda, however the remained encouraging the young people to be able to read through the bible. The children who come close to the church has no worry of being the competitent pupils and the students that are good in reading adn writting as well.\\ \\  There are many factors that is leading to poor education performance in northern uganda. All in all the general problem are being cnetre as the war.\\ ​ Much as there has been war between the LRA and the government of Uganda for many years, some of this factor need involvement of many stakholedrs to address.
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