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 + **In as much as it is true to say that** **life in the camp caused a lot of problems to the people, the environment didn't escape the wrath of the displacement of the people either. Trees were first in the line up. As people came to the camps they used trees for putting up structrures for shelter. Where trees once existed was cleared to give room for construction of huts. Then the question of wood for fuel came in. Our country being a third world country still relies on organic resources for energy. So as time went on, trees near the camps were depleted. The need for charcoal later came in . This gave rise to indisciminate cutting of trees outside the camps.**
 +**Trees at the river banks suffered the most. Felling of these trees could be the most likely cause of the drying up of many water sources.**\\ \\ \\ **The soil also suffered. As trees were wiped out the soil automatically lacked cover so became vulnerable to agents of soil erosion.**\\ \\ **The soil also suffered as people threw away used polythene bags. Since these bags do not decompose, they have become real litter to the soil. More so they also intefere with drainage,​growth of roots of plants etc.**\\ \\ **Although the government of Uganda has put in place some laws regarding the use of these polythene bags nobody seems to pay any heed neither has anyone been punished for it.**\\ \\ **It wi**ll take sometime and effort in order to recover the value of the land in and around places that the camps have occupied.
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