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 +{{::​favour.jpg?​nolink&​1023}}\\ \\ \\ \\  Anite Brenda is 23 years old. She run FAVOUR OF GOD LOCK-UP SHOP\\ ​ She is in business because she has no other option for survival.\\ ​ She chose this type of business because she says it is easy to manage.\\ ​ Her highest level of education is senior three.\\ ​ In this business she sells second hand clothes.\\ ​ She has benn in the business for five months.\\ ​ She is a sole proprietor.\\ ​ She says being makes her manage her business properly.\\ ​ It was from her own savings that she got started.\\ ​ She got the background and skills necessary to run this business as she had worked for someone else.\\ ​ She keeps records of of sales, costs,​inventories and other business activities.\\ ​ She is aware of her competitors.\\ ​ She markets her business by word of mouth.\\ ​ Her business location is not very safe. Rain, sunshine and strong winds make her lose customers and sometimes damage her products.\\ ​ She looks for successful business people when she needs business advice.\\ ​ Brenda uses part of her profits to buy more stock, pay fees. She saves any remainder.\\ ​ She has a business plan and a stated mission statement.\\ ​ She does not have employees.\\ ​ Brenda'​s suppliers are wholesalers found in Gulu and Lira.\\ ​ She goes to Lira when the Gulu suppliers have run out of stock.\\ ​ She gets information about the best people to buy from from her business friends.\\ ​ She describes her customers as anyone who has money and is ready to buy her goods.\\ ​ She take good care of her customers that is why they select her over her competitors.\\ ​ She does not offer credits to her customers.\\ ​ Brenda'​s challenges are:​\\ ​
 +  * she does not have enough customers
 +  * she has a bad location but can't afford to move
 +  * she has too much competition
 +  * customers whom she had given credit and defaulted have moved her back.
 +Brenda is looking for a better place.+
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