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 + I am Odong Richard Felix ,i live in Gulu town ,I'm 20 years old I'm a fresher student at the university ,I'm acholi by tribe, Ugandan by nationality.\\ \\ \\ \\  
 +=====   ​===== 
 +\\ \\  Human right simply refers to the fundamental freedom of man without discrimination base on either race,​sex,​language,​religion etc,its a universal or moral rights applicable to all men everywhere.\\ \\  Human rights are base on the fact ,that all men are born equal and have orientable rights for instance tall,​short,​brown or black etc.\\ \\  There are various fundamental human rights of a man ,some are as analysis below.\\ \\  Man has the right to life ,for this reason if any other person happen to killed a colleague he would have violated his right to life ,which is one of the most right the person has.\\ \\  Man must be free from slavery and should not be sold like a slave neither should he be made to work without fair pay.\\ \\  Man has right to freedom of worship,​without use of force by any body to make choice of one believes.\\ \\  Man has a right to liberty and security which should be respected,​by the government of the country.\\ \\  Man should be free from tortures or any kind of ill treatment regarded as in human nature.\\ \\  No men should be arrested or detained without any well established crime against him.\\ \\  Everyone has the right to recognition IE the rules of the nation must treat everyone equally ,no one should be treat inferior or superior.\\ \\  Man has the right to secrecy,for instance other person should not inter fear with their home or secret dealing.\\ \\  Man has got the right to freedom of movement IE he should be free to move any place of choice without restriction.\\ \\  Man has also got the right to associate himself with any person or political parties of his or her choice.\\ \\  Man has a right to take parts in in the affair of his government.\\ \\  All men have the right to work be employed and paid .\\ \\  The article above was simply because,​there is too much violation of human right today,so many people have been violated of their right today:this is because people are unaware of their right,as a result of ignorant and lack of literacy of human right in Uganda today.\\ \\ \\  prepared by\\  odong richi felix
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