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 +{{::​arcade.jpg?​nolink&​800}}\\ \\ \\  FLOWERS ARCADE is owned by Ayot Kevin 40. This arcade is at Pece near Sports View Hotel in Gulu Municipality. She is in business because she has no other employment to earn her a living. Her highest level of education is Primary Seven. After primary education, Kevin had no more formal education. She did some informal training in many disciplines including art and design. In this business, she makes these flowers and sells them. She is able to make other products but the one she has seen as a good money earner in making these flowers. She has been in business for 14 years and she proudly calls herself ’doctor of flowers.” She is a sole trader doing her work with the help of apprentices. She simply told me that she hates group ownership of anything. She prefers the word mine to ours. She worked for some people, saved some money and opened her own business. She acquired the background and skills to run this type of business in school.\\ \\  She keeps records but the records are not up-to-date. She tries to keep records but her problem is little knowledge of doing it. Kevin has details of her apprentices written down. She said when she started this business, there weren’t many people in it. She enjoyed monopoly of the business. Things have changed greatly for Kevin. People with more capital have joined the trade and have made competition stiff for her. She does not complain about her location. She says the place is strategic. Kevin narrates that in all the years she has been trading at this one place she has not registered any cases of robbery or theft at that place. She concludes that the place is safe.Kevin has not sought advice from anybody and said she is not willing to do so. She complains that she has a lot of responsibilities at home so most of her profits go to home use. She save what might have been left from expenditures. She runs this business without a written Business Plan or a Mission Statement. She does not have employees but has apprentices.\\ \\  Kevin needs materials to make her flowers. She buys these materials from wholesalers in Kampala. She claims that if she is to buy from Gulu she would not make any profits. She makes the journey to Kampala once in two or three months. She gets information about who to buy from through her many friends. Brenda'​s customers are many comprising of people of all walks of life.\\ \\  Brenda'​s challenges are:​\\ ​
 +  * little income
 +  * poor sales
 +  * big domestic demands
 +  * high taxation
 +She says she is planning to get a bank loan so as to increase capital for investment.
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