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 + ​Sharing the BoscoUganda wikispaces\\ \\  I am delighted to share the BoscoUganda wikispaces with our BoscoUganda users. It is delightful to read from many users in Pagak, Pabo, Coo-pe and Lacor. Following the last week's further training to more effectively use of the Web 2.0 to enable participation in the on going Speak Africa forum I hope we will be hearing from more people in Unyama National Teachers College and Gulu Core Primary Teachers College.\\ ​ BoscoUganda wants to bring a desired Information Technology closer to rural people.\\ ​ As Executive Director of the BoscoUganda Organization in northern Uganda, I am deeply disturbed by the lack of knowledge in Information Technology here in the region.\\ \\  Since 2006 I have been talking about how the kind of Information Technology BoscoUganda proposes would change the literacy situation in northern Uganda. I have often met students from Gulu, Makerere, Ndejje, Uganda Christian University (UCU), Alokolum National Major Seminary Philosophicum etc who do not yet know how to use computers let alone internet. This is not because they are unable to but may be because they cannot afford a computer in their houses. In talking about the need to use internet technology I encouraged some of those I met to go by the BoscoUganda internet sites to learn for free.\\ ​ BoscoUganda has already trained many youths in rural areas to share their computer and internet knowldge with you for free. All that you need to do is go to the nearest site to you and learn to use the internet.\\ \\  You will probably like to begin with reading what many Boscouganda internet users have posted on the Home page or as we call it also Intranet. You will also like to sign in your account already and so write something to share with others. Reading other people'​s writings on the Home page will tell you that you can even do better.\\ ​ On the same Home page you will also find the typing tutor that helps you to learn to type by yourself. It is a do it yourself sort of thing. You will find many interesting things on the Home page. You will find games to play and some movies to watch on the computer. By the time you leave Pagak, Pabo, Coo-pe and Lacor Primary School internet points you are intellectually new.\\ ​ From the Home Page you will go to the World Wide Web and you will begin to speak in terms of There you will have your e-mail account where you talk in terms of "so and so at yahoo dot com, so and so at gmail dot com, so and so at hotmail dot com etc. You will love it. You do not really need to go to University to become a dot com man or woman.\\ \\  But this is not Boscouganda'​s main aim of bringing this kind of Information Technology to the villages mentioned above and many other still to come. The main aim is to create an environment of peace to live. When you have something like a computer to learn to use and talk to people far are near you live in peace. When you write to someone he or she will write back to you and the two or more of you meet one another by words and photos. This is an initial point to live in peace. In writing to one another you will see that you grow more knowledgeable. Your knowledge increases rapidly and steadily.\\ \\  The end result of sharing the Boscouganda wikispaces is enjoyable. This is what I find in Robert who shares it from Coo-pe, Simon, Christopher and Jokondino who share it from Pagak,
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