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 +{{http://​​newvision_cms/​gall_content/​2012/​7/​2012_7$largeimg225_Jul_2012_091312977.jpeg|Late John Atta Mills}}
 +\\ \\  Good fellows live shorter\\ ​ While crooks hang on for ages\\ ​ Good deeds are soon forgotten\\ ​ While hideous one live on\\  John Atta Mills\\ ​ May the Good Lord rest thy soul\\ ​ In eternal peace.\\ \\ \\ 
 +{{http://​​newvision_cms/​gall_content/​2012/​7/​2012_7$thumbimg125_Jul_2012_091312977.gif|John Dramani Mahama}}
 +\\ \\  May the Lord inspire thee to follow\\ ​ The footsteps of thy predecessor.
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