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 +{{::​dscn2047.jpg?​nolink&​818}}\\ \\ \\  Adong Immaculate is 28 years old. She owns God's Grace Shop. She said she is in business to fulfill her obligation in life. She is in this type of business because she likes it very much. Surprisingly Immaculate left school when she was is primary six. She later went to a tailoring school where she got the skills she uses in this business. At her training she also learnt some business skills. After her course she decided to open a business where she deals in textiles. She makes school uniforms and sells clothes for all kinds of people.\\ \\ \\ {{::​dscn2048.jpg?​nolink&​800}}\\ \\  She is a sole proprietor because she likes being by herself and on her own. Her initial capital was her own savings. Immaculate is always careful of the changes in fashion especially for women. For this she keeps herself update with the fashions in the market. She must also not forget the conservatives whose fashions hardly change. Market for the items that she brings is always there and wide but not in the same capacity throughout the year. There months called 'bad months'​ In these months sales are very low. The months from May to August are the bad months. Immaculate buys her stock mainly from Lira where she has two fix suppliers. Sometimes, however she buys from Kampala too. She has no fixed supplier there. She simply goes to any one of the renowned markets in Kampala. This happens only when she has learnt from the Lira suppliers that their stock has run out. She says she unable to buy from Gulu traders because they charge very highly. During the beginning of the school year, sales are very good for Immaculate. She travels to buy new stock every week. But after that she goes once in two months. She hasn't transport of her own so she goes by public means usually a bus. Competition in this business is high. Immaculate has to battle with people with more experience, capital and popularity\\ \\  Immaculate makes her business known by making very good display. She has no option for a sign post or flyers. She is a fan of the internet although she is not able to uses a computer by herself. She says she is able to see many new fashions and designs. She complains of having no time otherwise she would love to learn to use the computer. What she uses most is her phone. Immaculate says her location was not of her choice but all the same she likes it because it is not to expensive for her to pay for. She also says the location is good because it is where most people pass. Immaculate says she does not seek business advice or at least she has not sought any.\\ \\  Immaculate has her record books in order. She says after the workshop/ training by BOSCO Uganda, she has not forgotten to record her undertakings. To her business without record keeping is like moving with a dark mask. As for her Business Plan, she says it is underway. She has got a person who is making her the draft. The same applies to the Mission Statement. In it she says is to '​Become a Wholesaler. She uses part of her profits to pay rent and Municipal taxes, part of it she puts back into the business.\\ \\  She does not have permanent employees. During the busy times i.e the beginning of the year, she gets some part-time employees. Her customers consist of schools, parents and school children. Ladies who enjoy //Kitenge// dresses also make part of her customers. Immaculate brags of making superior dresses, being fast enough for her customers and also her good nature that attracts her customers and make them come back. She says she is sometimes a preference to other traders because of those qualities of hers.\\ \\  Immaculate faces some challenges. She says she can make interventions for some of the challenges.\\ ​
 +  * The business is seasonal
 +  * paying license
 +  * power irregularity
 +She plans to buy a solar panel and a battery to make for the power irregularities She also wants to diversify her sale of clothes to include more of children'​s wear shoes and items for decoration. She thinks that if she diversifies her stock, she will have a greater profit and paying rent should not be her problem. All in all Immaculate sees her business as prosperous and on the right line of growth.
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