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 +{{::​grace.jpg?​nolink&​704}}\\ \\ \\ GRACE KNITTING WORK ENTERPRISES\\ Akongo Grace is 26 years old. Tel...0782294713. She owns Grace Knitting Work Enterprises. She is in business to take advantage of the business opportunity that exists in the knitting sector. She is in this business because she is trained at it.\\ In this business, she makes and sells sweaters. She has been in this business for 5 years.\\ She is an “O’ Level leaver.\\ Grace is a sole proprietor. She prefers to run her business alone she is able to see her progress more easily.\\ She got started with her own savings. She worked for someone before starting her own. She got the background and skills necessary to run this business from school.\\ She keeps records of all her transactions by recording every sale, and purchase made. She consults her records before deciding what to buy. She always makes a written budget.\\ Grace does not have many competitors. She enjoys the monopoly of the business.\\ She markets her business by making working at a corridor of the market where many people pass. She says that is the reason why she decided to locate her business there. She says her location is good for attracting customers but it is rather unsafe. She has to hire a safer place to keep her machine and other equipment.\\ Grace says she saves part of her profits, uses some of it to buy material and some of it for domestic use.\\ She has a written Business Plan and Mission Statement. \\ Grace does not have permanent employees. She sometimes hires some people to help her when she is overwhelmed with work. In this case she prefers to hire her friends.\\ Grace’s suppliers are wholesalers in Kampala. She does not buy from Gulu traders because they are expensive. She uses public means to get her goods back to Gulu. Her frequency in the journey is not easy to determine but at least twice a month. She used to get information of the best people to buy from from her friends but now she has direct contact with the suppliers. Her suppliers never give her any credit.\\ Grace’s customers are mainly schools and institutions. Some few individuals also make part of her customers. A good number of her customers select her over her competitors because of her good pricing, good customer care and expertise in the job. She gives credits to school who are long time customers.\\ Challenges facing Grace are:​\\ ​
 +  * Sometimes she does not get enough customers especially when school orders are done.
 +  * Her location is not safe and she can not afford to move elsewhere.
 +  * Payments from schools sometimes delay making her fail some incoming orders.
 +  * Cost of thread is very high these days.
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