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 +{{::​dscn08051.jpg?​nolink&​727}}\\ \\  Atim Stella is a registered nurse. She is in her mid thirties //( did not disclose her age ).// She trained as a nurse after competing 'O; level. Before she opened this drug shop,she was engaged in selling clothes. This, she says, was where she gained the business experience that now helps her in her drug shop. She has been in this business for five years now. Apart from selling drugs to people, she also treats minor illnesses The training she obtained from the nursing gave her skills that make her able to give injections, perform minor operations like I & S ( incision and drainage ) in case of abscesses and others.\\ \\  She kept some of the profits she earned from the sale of clothes. Their family supported her in starting a drug shop. They also granted her some liquid cash for the drug shop. The start-up capital wasn't adequate therefore she got additional capital in form of a loan from BRAC ....... a financial institution that gives small loans to support businesses. .\\ \\  Stella is comfortable with her location. She finds it in the open where any person in need of her products can easily find her. Being near and in front of a busy market gives her some good advantage as far as getting new customers is concerned. She also likes her location because it lies within good security reach. Her property, she says are always far from danger. Thus the social environment is friendly taking into the fact that the area is thickly populated. Nearness to her home is another advantage. Stella does not use any electronic equipment for her business except for a phone at her VCD which young people love so much. She claims that boys prefer buying or getting treatment from her because of the video set.\\ \\  She says there are so many other people who run a similar business to hers but funny she says she does not bother to find how they are fairing. She has a relative -- cousin who runs a similar business. That gentleman is has a larger capital and a bigger business. When she needs advice concerning the business, she seeks advice from him. Stella'​s method of record keeping is impressive. She balances her book every evening. In this way she is able to check even a small gain or loss. She laments the use of her profits which mainly goes for paying fees for her younger brother and sister, rent for the house and buying necessities. Only a small fraction of it does she plough back of save.\\ ​ She has no employee due insufficient savings from sales. She says she has a colleague who is a nurse too. She helps her with her work when she has problems of commitments.\\ \\  She has not sat down to make a long term Business Plan.\\ \\  She gets new customers through word of mouth either by her or customers who had relieved service from her before. She has a clear sign post and has flyers that help advertise her business. She says the name of her business alone is attractive i.e Healing Hands Of God. She expects her business to grow once she overcomes some of her challenges which include:​-\\ ​
 +  * payment of fees for her brother and sister
 +  * clearing loan payment to BRAC
 +  * renting a house
 +  * absence of employee(s)
 +**//( Atim Stella 0775013137 )//**
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