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 + Theft of material or products.\\ ​
 +{{https://​​hphotos-ak-xaf1/​v/​t1.0-0/​s480x480/​13445425_10206733163632580_5756393466171650722_n.jpg?​oh=20e2de6c4bc8da576b983360060f9f04&​oe=57CB6CF8&​__gda__=1472474637_ac99d251a026947a2e17ecbb94f7c675|Okema Jokondino Robinson'​s photo.}}
 +\\ \\ \\  LAMOGI FOUNDATION AND WOOD WORKSHOP\\ \\  Lamogi Foundation and Wood Workshop is situated 24 kilometres west of Gulu town. It is a duly registered business. The proprietor is Mr. Odongtoo Michael aged 46. Mr. Odongtoo was a senior one student when he left academic studies. He then joined Masindi Vocational School in western Uganda. He completed two instead of three years at the institution and left to join an Asian who owned a workshop there. He learnt to operate bigger machines for moticing, planing from the Asian'​s workshop. The Asian also engaged him in trainig youths in the field of carpentry. He trained a total of 36 young people when he was there.\\ ​ He worked for the Asian, for four years and kept on saving some of his pay. This later opened the way. As he was leaving , the Asian gave him a good number of tools to open his own workshop.\\ \\  to his own enterprise now known as Lamogi Foundation and Wood Workshop which he started when he still in Masindi town. That was way back in 1990. As the security situation brightened, in nortern Uganda in 2007 he relocated the workshop to its present site\\ ​ He is a sole proprietor. He says this type of business is advantageous to him because he makes decisions by himself without interference from anyone. He chose this site as it is near his home. But most importantly because there is no wood workshop within the location for close to 15 kilometres in diameter.\\ ​ IN his trade he makes furniture and is also contracted for roofings. He also engages in training youths in this trade. At this time he has been contracted Save The Children- Uganda to train 16 selected vulnerable youths picked from the whole sub-county. The trainees will complete their course in August this year.\\ ​ Michael has been operating this business without any loan or grant as yet form any institution. He says the presence of his phone has aided him in connecting with his customers and suppliers. It has also aided him in dealing with his bankers. Radio stations have also helped in marketing his business, His nearness to the road helps him quite a lot as he sometimes displays his finished products for viewing at the roadside He is in great need of a computer but his main obstacle is lack of knowledge on computer.\\ ​ Mr. Odongtoo currently enjoys a good monopoly in this business because he has no competitor. He however plans to improve on the quality of his products, increase the frequency of advertisement on radio and fix a sign post within one year. He plans to get a bank loan so that in five years time he puts up a building instead of operating under shades or in tents. He hopes to acquire electrically operated machines in his shop when his would be building is constructed.\\ ​ He works with four hired men-- employees. He gets his employess thriugh local leaders who look for people willing to work. The employees are paid according to an item he has produce. It is unfortunate for him that his drawn-up business plan got lost and now he is working from memory. But for his business record he says he operates on a double entry system.\\ ​ His suppliers are not fixed as far as timber is concerned because he does not buy timber from timber shops but from those who swa them. H is customers are increasing in number especially that the sub-county headquarters is now fully operational with staff living within the headquarters,​\\ ​ Among the challenges he is facing are:\\ \\  changes in the weather. As most of his activities are still done in the open, changes in the weather affects him very much\\ \\  cost of transport of timber from where they are sawn to his workshop is high. At the moment he hasn't a way of addressing this pchallenge.\\ \\  Paying employees when there are few or no orders.\\ \\  Theft of material or products.
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