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 +{{::​night1.jpg?​nolink&​783}}\\ \\  Adong Nighty ( 40) co-owns this business with her husband Kinyera Solomon. They are in business because they want to take advantage of some business opportunity. They chose this type of business because at that time there were very few people in the business so they knew they would make money. Solomon is a graduate while Nighty is an O level leaver.\\ ​ In 18 years these people have some good experience in running this type of business.\\ ​ In this business they sell household/ kitchen & dining utensils – serving dishes, jugs of all types, plate, bowls, ladles, and cutlery in general.\\ ​ They are in a partnership. They say one advantage is that responsibility is shared.\\ ​ They got started though their own savings.\\ ​ They got the background and skills to run this type of business from school.\\ ​ The have written records of all th transactions in the business.\\ ​ They have formal[[home#​50847439|{{http://​​items/​it/​img/​arrow-10x10.png|external image arrow-10x10.png}}]].\\ ​ Yes they do some marketing. Open display of their products is one of their ways of marketing their products.\\ ​ They chose this site because it on a busy street. The place is secure from burglary .\\  They seek advice from Uganda Chamber of Commerce and their business friends\\ \\ {{::​night2.jpg?​nolink&​800}}\\ \\ \\ \\ \\  They save most of their profits. They use some of it to pay rent and other dues demanded by the local authorities.\\ ​ They have a Business Plan and a Mission Statement. They have two employees. They chose them from amongst their relatives.\\ ​ Their[[home#​19721603|{{http://​​items/​it/​img/​arrow-10x10.png|external image arrow-10x10.png}}]] are wholesalers in Kampala. They prefer these suppliers to Gulu suppliers because the ones in Kampala are far more cheap compared to the ones in Gulu.\\ ​ They bring back their products back to Gulu using hired trucks. They make this journey four or five times in a year. They get information about the best people to buy from through adverts on televisions and newspapers and also business friends.\\ ​ They do not get goods on credit from their suppliers.\\ ​ Their customers consist of restaurant owners, hotels and bars, schools and colleges, civil servants and other individuals. Sometimes their customers prefer them to their competitors because they are well known, they have varieties of products for the kitchen and dining, their pricing is slightly below that of most traders in the same business.\\ ​ The seldom give goods on credit to their customers.\\ ​ Their challenges are:​\\ ​
 +  * Sometimes they do not get many customers
 +  * Price fluctuations
 +  * Completion has gone up these days
 +  * Transport cost
 +These fellows are on the point of getting their own transport.
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