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 +{{::​dsc01173.jpg?​nolink&​400}}It was a period of the contestants to stand in for presidential elections and this was the 18th of November 2010,so people started moving from place to place looking for support.\\ ​ Here students and teachers of NTC Unyama were seated under the mango tree,since some times rooms tend to be hot. The major topic here was all about DEMOCRACY.\\ \\  A good country to live in is that,that observes democracy.Most of the leaders in Uganda as a country have tried to teach people what really\\ ​ democracy means as in the picture and also how to exercise it. In case of elections no restrictions can apply to anyone waiting to become a representative and the freedom of the citizen is secured by legitimized rights and liberties which are generally protected by the constitution.\\ ​ However, we should always exercise democracy because if is not observed carefully, cases of uneven distribution of political power,​unfair\\ ​ elections,​people being oppressed among others could accumulate.So it becomes very interesting if people vote in personal interest.May God bless the ones to read this article as they observe the merits of democracy.
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