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 +{{::​dscn08061.jpg?​nolink&​800}}\\ ​ JAFOD INVESTMENTS //**( 0772822813 )**// is owned by one Aboyi John Bosco. He is a civil engineer majoring in Building. He completed his stusies as a civil engineer after senior six ( A Level ) Right now he is self employed. He also runs this business to make ends meet in his family. He general merchant; selling an assortment of goods. Being a sole proprietor, Bosco enjoys a lot of freedom especially is decision making for his business. He has no other person with whom to person to share the dividends derived from this business. This makes have more money to save than if he was to share it with a partner. For this reason he has to work hard and guard the business with all the jealousy that it takes. He says being alone, makes him manage his time well; having no one to blame for time misuse.\\ \\  Bosco first worked with an NGO in Gulu after his graduation. He started business by selling second hand clothes. That was five years ago. Two years later he opened this shop. He said a good friend of his advised him to start the business. The friend mentored him into it. Thanks to his wife who also supported him both financially,​ physically and emotionally. He says physically because she took part in selling the clothes during vacations. Financially because she offered part of her pay //(she is a teacher)// for the business.\\ \\  JAFOD Investments is privileged to have this site for its business. It is located at Bardege Market Obiya West Lacor Trading centre, Gulu Municipality The road is busy all the time. Nearness to the market is an added advantage. It's also off on the road to a primary school. School children and teachers take this advantage. Although the prevalence of robbery is rather high in this location, JAFOD is not affected by this. This is for its being near a busy road.\\ \\  Modern technology has not taken deep roots in JAFOD Investments.The proprietor has a phone that he that he uses for communicating with his suppliers and customers It also facilitates transfer of cash. He also has a TV set that attracts the young people to his shop. He hasn't thought of a computer and internet. This implies that his records a written by hand kept in a file in a cupboard. Apart from radio and television he gets to know whats is around him through local newspapers.\\ \\  JAFOD Investment does not make adverts on radio, T.V or Newspapers. New customers pop in as they move along the road. Old and permanent customers influence new one to come to JAFOD Investments. Bosco claims that his customer care service is superb. People who come to his shop, would want to come back again The sign post at his door tell people of his presence.\\ \\  Bosco has a precise yet detailed Business Plan where he has laid down his mission statement, objectives (short and long-term) work schedules, budget, monitoring and evaluation tools and all. He gazes his business to have upgraded from retail to wholesale. With savings undisturbed Bosco thinks in five years to come he will need a larger building for his business. By working hard, managing his income well, Bosco is determined to compete even in the global market !! When in need of advice, Bosco turns to his more experienced business friends in Gulu town. He said as his business expands he will have to shift his advisers to Uganda Chamber of Commerce or Uganda Investment Authority or other mandated institution or individuals.\\ \\  There are four employees at JAFOD; recruited in an ifrormal way i.e without interview. They are paid on monthly basis. He has reliable customers. They are almost permanent. "They prefer me to other trades because of the good services they get from here. Here we make bargains with our customers. It is difficult to get it elsewhere",​ brags Bosco. He says he doesn'​t have ethical concerns that impact on his business.\\ \\  He mentioned his challenges as being:​-\\ ​
 +  * inadequate capital for investment
 +  * fees payment for his brothers. His own children to not yet need large amount of money as yet.
 +  * building a larger shop
 +  * having no financial management expert
 +He plans to work on these challenges by:​-\\ ​
 +  * better management of savings
 +  * raising income through increase in stock
 +  * enrolling for week-end studies on financial management.
 +  * borrowing from his construction works.
 +Bosco ends saying 'With determination everything is possible."​\\ \\
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