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 +**Jengari Health Clinic**\\ ​ BOSCO is currently installed in Jengari Health Clinic. While the site currently only carries a VoIP telephone it is used by maternity nurses to update health records with the larger health clinic in Pabo, approximately 10 miles north. Nurses are also able to use the phone to call regional doctors when a health emergency arises and the patient is unable to get to the larger regional hosptial in Lacor. Currenlty, there is no doctor at Jengari health clinic, so connecting Jengari to vital human and medical resources via phone and Internet is vital to ensure that patients have access to life-saving health care.\\ \\  BOSCO is currently raising funds to install low powered (solar PCs) at this site so that nurses may begin keeping their medical records on the computer while also accessing vital medical resources that could save lives on the Internet. To donate to this cause, click the following link: http://​​index-2.html and click on our PayPal to donate.\\ ​
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