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 +{{::​036.jpg?​nolink&​880}}\\ ​ Jimmy Laker (52) owns this business - Tic Ryemo Can. He is in business to take advantage of some business opportunity. He has been in business for a long time i.e 29 years.\\ ​ His highest level of education is senior four.\\ ​ He sells goods at wholesale and retail levels. He sells to small businessmen who come from rural places.He sells:​\\ ​ sugar, salt, soap, cooking oil, powered milk, posho variety or spices biscuits etc.\\ ​ He has been in business for 29 years and 20 in this business\\ ​ He is a sole trader. His advantage of being sole is because he is his own master. He got started in this business through savings from previous businesses.\\ ​ He is self trained.\\ {{::​wholesale.jpg?​nolink&​880}}\\ ​ He keeps records of all the business transactions he makes.\\ ​ Records every sale made, decides what goods to buy by consulting his records. He has a written budget of the costs he expects to pay for the business in future.\\ ​ He has competitors. He is aware of their strength and weaknesses.\\ ​ He does advertising;​ outside display, occasional advert on radio and also word of mouth.\\ ​ His location is where it is because of nearness to bus park. The place is very secure from natural hazards and human activities.\\ ​ He seeks advice from his suppliers and senior business friends.\\ ​ He banks most of his profits while he uses some to pay rent, taxes, transport and employees.\\ ​ He has a Business Plan and Mission Statement.\\ \\ 
 +\\ \\  He has employees. Two fixed employees and unfix number of casual labourers who are picked when the need arises.\\ ​ The fixed labourers are his relatives.\\ ​ His suppliers are both manufactures and wholesalers in Kampala.\\ ​ He prefers Kampala traders because of their fairness in prices and also because goods are ever there.\\ ​ He brings back these goods using his own transport.\\ ​ He gets information about the best people to buy from through his friends, the suppliers themselves and often the television and newspapers.\\ ​ Some of his suppliers give him goods on credit and pay later.\\ ​ His customers are retailer from Gulu and surrounding trading centers'​\\ ​ Some of is customers select him over his competitors because of his good service to them and also because he gives them reasonable discount.\\ ​ He sometimes gives goods on credit to his customers. This is restricted to long-time customers.\\ \\ \\ 
 +\\ \\  His challenges are:​\\ ​
 +  * too much competition
 +  * sometimes he does not get enough customers
 +  * rent and taxation
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