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 +{{::​011.jpg?​nolink&​443}}\\ ​ SOURCE OF INCOME FOR YOUTH.\\ ​ The source of the income for some youth who ran from the village and are staying around town is the local boda boda where once has to carry the heavily load box for a small bussiness person.\\ ​ As you can see a youngyouth of 15 years old boy dropped out of school because he is unable to support his education and because the war that is existing between the LRA and the Government of Uganda pushed some to stay around town beacuse of fear of being abducted or kill by the fighting parties.\\ ​ Fournately the businessman provide him with bicycle in order to give his daily serivce of carrying his mini supplies from town to his selling locked up shop placed out of the centre.\\ ​ The situation which this boy is under going need action to rebuild his life to join the rest of the family member or the clan.\\ ​ There are no evident available to prove this life styles of the stranded youth among the community.\\ ​ Any one who feel like reaching such group of youth please do not hesitate contact us.\\  Beliving that you feel the present of the God within your self.\\ ​
 +  - **Read the book of (St. Paul to the Galitia 6:2) open quote. Bear the burden of one another by doing so you are fulfilling the law of Christ.**
 +  - **Gospel of St. John 10:10) I have come so that they may have life and have it abundantly.**
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