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 +{{::​dscn08071.jpg?​nolink&​768}}\\ \\  Jokkene James Olanya **//​(0759648166 / 0773151306 )//** is the propriety of Jokkene Store.His reason for comig to business is that he has no qualification for government or company job. His problems being compounded by lack of adequate arable land. Jokkene is a married man with children. He says to make his family survive, he has to keep this business alive. He specialises on goods whose demand are on daily basis. Salt, soap sugar, cooking oil and such items make the greater portion of his merchandise. He has been in this business for three years. He has a cousin who advised him to open a business. The cousin also gave him some cash as part of the start-up capital.\\ \\  James says the social setting of the area has great disadvantage to his business. Firstly the population comprises of generally low income earners thus have low demand for goods of higher value. A good many of the occupants of the area lovers of booze. The men especially have no need for his goods save for cigarettes. Some of the buyers still segregate on religious basis. More common with people of the Pentecostal churches---- they prefer to buy from their "​flock"​ Inspite of all these crime rate is low in the area.\\ \\  James' only advancement in electronics technology is the phone. He does not use either radio or T.V for his business.His form of advertisement is window display. He sells goods from outside the shop. The veranda is his main work place. He does so because of the acute competition in the market for the items he sells. He has no sign post, no flyer--- nothing for advert. Fortunately for him he has many fixed customers. These customers get new customers for him. In this way his stock sells like hot cakes. The rate of turn-over is high. James claims that he has to get to his suppliers every other day.\\ \\  He however laments being in this location. It was not by his choice that he is located on the southern end of the market. There was no other place for him. He says he would gladly relocate if there was a way. Most of his customers have found his whereabouts so they still come to him. Whenever he makes any profits his priority goes to renting, fees payments and food. Some ate ploughed back to the business. From his profits he has bought a container which will aid him once he is ready to locate.\\ \\  He does not have a written Business Plan. Does not keep written records. His words are; It is very difficult to keep records. Most of the time I am too tired to pick a pen for writing. He definitively has no employees and does not plan to have any in the near future.His main customers consists of bakers who make half cakes, chapatis,​cassava chips. Those who sell food to market vendors and lock-up owners make part of his permanent customers.\\ \\  James' challenges are;​-\\ ​
 +  * capital for investment. His low capital ties him to having a smaller stock
 +  * having no permanent location---- his business is mobile
 +  * fear of competition from the well-to-do traders.
 +  * the burden of fees paying that does not seem to be over very soon.
 +Despite these dangers, James still hope for a brighter future for his business.
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