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 +{{::​aaron.jpg?​nolink&​800}}\\ \\  KBH Electronics is owned Onen Tony\\ ​ H e came into business in order to tap in the existing opportunity that existed in Gulu town. He said he took this business because of his liking for electronic products.\\ ​ His highest level of education is senior six.\\ ​ In the business he sells electronics phones and accessories,​ music systems, radios, speakers etc.\\ ​ He has been in the business 10 years.\\ ​ He is a sole trader. He loves being sole because he wants to avoid quarrel involved in partnership.\\ ​ He had been in another business before this one. Savings from the other business made him begin this one.\\ ​ He is self taught but has undergone training from many NGOs.\\ ​ He keeps good records.Keeping records of all sales and purchases. He buys goods after consulting his records. Hie budgets are always written.\\ ​ He knows his competitors. There are so many of them.\\ ​ Tony does some advertising. His well displayed goods attracts customers.\\ ​ The location was his choice. It is near a busy road. Crime is not heard of.\\  Tony gets advice from his seniors in business and also from his suppliers.\\ ​ He saves some of his profits, uses some for paying local government dues, and for home use.\\ ​ Tony has a written Business Plan and Mission Statement\\ ​ Tony does not have employees. He is helped by his nephew (pictured)\\ ​ His suppliers are wholesalers in Kampala. He does not buy from Gulu traders for fear of their prices.\\ ​ He gets information of who to buy from through his friends in the same trade but in Kampala.\\ ​ He makes his journey by public means.\\ ​ He says he makes the journey at least once a month.\\ ​ He does not get credits from his suppliers.\\ ​ Tony's customers are mainly peoplein and around Gulu town.\\ ​ He says he gets back customers to him because of his good reception to them. His nephew is equally good at caring for customers.\\ ​ He does not give credits to his customers.\\ ​ Tony's challenges are \\ 
 +  * lack of customers
 +  * too much competition
 +  * location that is not very good
 +  * domestic demands
 +He tries to keep customers even he tries to get more customers. He hopes to relocate to another place soon.
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