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 + One way to keep busy and learning more with BOSCO-Uganda wiki spaces is to think something and write about. All who do postings on the bosco-uganda wiki gain a great deal of knowledge in writing skills, spelling words correctly, learning new English expressions etc.\\ ​ One may also decide to keep events of everyday life by writing them down.\\ ​ The space is really meant to help all of us.\\  I aqm glad to see St Joseph Primary School on the wikispaces. I enjoyed reading postings from Apio Consy, Charles, Valeria and Everlyne. I must say I am happy about the progress all our Bosco-uganda users in Pagak, Pabo, Coope, Lacor and now St Joseph Primary School have made in using the internet. \\  I want to say that computer is excellent tool in our hands but when you do not use a tool always it will remain useless. I do not want our users to find BOSCO-Uganda computers useless one day.
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