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 +**TITLE**:​__WAR IN NORTHERN UGANDA__\\ ​ Northern part of uganda is one of the area that are most affected by war.This has happened due to the following reason\\ ​ 1- Innocent killing of people by the government body.Several people were killed during the war and even a lots of properties like crop,​cattle,​among others were damaged.These alone make the people of northern uganda unhappy hence has lead war.\\ ​ 2-Land conflict.There was a rampant land conflict between the people in the community and the white because they wanted to take away their land which later live them without land and this make them to grow angry and hence war occurred. \\  3-Unfair ruling by some top official from the government side.Some official started to favour\\ ​ only one side ie the central region neglecting northern region hence leading to war.\\ {{http://​​2007-2008/​Classes/​Year6/​6KE/​WhoMadeItHappen/​SongIl/​images/​World%20war%202%20start.jpg|external image World%20war%202%20start.jpg}}
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