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 +{{::​dscn2471.jpg?​nolink&​800}}\\ \\ \\  Abwono Josephine (0777055479) is 48 years old. She says she came into business because she had no other employment. She says she went into this kind of business because she finds it easiest to manage.\\ ​ She is a Primary Seven School leaver. She deals in beans, peas,​simsim,​ groundnut pigeon peas, green peas and millet //​**(above)**//​\\ ​ She also sells groundnut and simsim paste, shea nut butter and honey **//( below )//**\\ \\ {{::​dscn2472.jpg?​nolink&​832}}\\ \\  She buys fairly large quantities of these items and keeps them in a corner of the market **//( below )//**\\ {{::​dscn2473.jpg?​nolink&​828}}\\ \\  She has been in this business for 21 years.\\ ​ She is a sole proprietor. She says is confident of her ability to run the business without anyone'​s help.\\ ​ She got started with just Shs. 3000 which was her own saving. She got the background and skills necessary to run this business from her family members.\\ ​ As for record keeping she says she records every sale made, decides what goods to buy by consulting her records frist. She says she always has a written budget.\\ ​ Josephine knows her competitors and she says there are so many of them.\\ ​ She does not go for advice to anyone.\\ ​ She uses her profits to purchase more goods,pay school fees and rent while she saves some.\\ ​ Josephine says she is located there because the place is good for selling these food item. It is in the open, reachable by even new comers to the market. Josephine says her location is safe from rain, strong winds sunshine and burglary.\\ ​ She has a Business Plan and stated Mission Statement. \\  Josephine has employees who come to do casual work once in a while. \\  Josephine'​s suppliers are wholesalers located in the villages in Gulu and neighboring districts\\ ​ Her customers are mainly people living in Gulu town\\ ​ She is good at getting customers with her unending sweet words. She sometimes gives her customers wrappers free to motivate the.\\ ​ Josephine'​s Challenges are:​\\ ​
 +  * sometimes she buys spoilt goods unknowingly.
 +  * fluctuation in prices.
 +  * crime/ theft of goods.
 +This time she says she is very carefull when buying from the wholesalers.\\ ​ She ensures proper packaging of the goods.\\ ​ She is planning to hire security guards to keep her property.
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