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 +{{::​fish.jpg?​nolink&​800}}\\ ​ Oroma Jennifer is 44 years old and a primary seven school leaver. She sells fresh fish in Gulu Main Market. She says she took to business when she had nothing else to do in form of a job to keep her family running. Trading therefore became a good way of earning a livelihood. She prefers selling fresh fish to other types of business because fresh fish is always on demand. She ran a restaurant for ten years before turning to fresh fish. This again another ten years in business. Alongside fresh fish, she also makes fruit juice mainly for the vendors in the market.\\ \\  She is a sole trader. She prefers being alone in business because she once tried a joint venture but it ended up badly. Jennifer says she did not have any prior formal business training when she went into it. S he however says she had practised selling from her mother who was a market vendor too. She says BOSCO Uganda gave her some business skills that could make her thrive but is being hampered by lack of adequate capital\\ \\  The social, economic, technological and political environment do not have any negative impact on her business. Jenifer has competitors. She laments her inability to put a strong fight against competitors. This she says is because of little capital. She is battling it out by having some suppliers who bring fish to her on credit. It is these suppliers that are making her survive in the market.\\ \\  The location of her business is good but the problem is with UMEME //( company that supplies electricity in Uganda )// Power cuts makes the place so dark that they lose customers. When there is no power, most of their customers go to smaller markets in the outskirts of the town. Another problem with the location is that there is no provision for a container with ice blocks or a fridge for keeping their stock when they have to stay overnight. \\ \\  She has some written records of her transactions. She is able to detect profits or losses very easily. When she gets some profits, she uses them to pay fees for her children, paying rent, feeding and has to put some back into the business. She does not have a Business Plan nor does she have a well stated mission statement for her business. She does not have employees in the real sense of the word. When need arises, she employs some people on part time basis to help her smoke some left-over fish.\\ \\  She has customers ranging from fellow market vendors to working class who come from their offices. She has some permanent customers who will not go to any other seller because of her good customer care. She says she orders all types of fish with varying sizes to suit her customers’ needs. Her ability to give good discount after a fair bargain make these people prefer her over her competitors. She has no ethical concerns to deal with in her type of business.\\ \\  Jenifer’s main challenges are:​\\ ​
 +  * inadequate capital
 +  * absence of preservation facilities.
 +She is working hard to get a loan from a financial institution to address the lack of capital.\\ ​ Jenifer hopes that in the next five years her business will have expanded since some of her children will be out of school.
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