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 + This is the administration block of Lacor P.7 school. This is where the BOSCO computer is located
 +\\ \\  Lacor Primary School is one of the largest schools in both size and population in our district. Schools are graded according to the number of pupils, number classroom and then number of teachers. In the case of Lacor, it is a grade one school unlike Pagak which is a grade two school.\\ \\ \\ 
 +\\ \\ 
 +\\ \\ \\ \\  Unlike Pagak, the pupils in Lacor do not sit in the floor. Even primary one kids have their desks to sit in.\\ \\ \\  Lacor Primary School is in need of the following computer supplies:​\\ ​
 +  * rechargeable batteries for the camera
 +  * battery charger.
 +also find me [[http://​​okemajokon|here]]
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