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 +{{::​hard.jpg?​nolink&​800}}\\ \\  This business is owned by a young man Ojara Kenneth Tel.0787065312\\ ​ He came into business to take advantage of the business opportunity that was lacking at Lacor Centre. He chose this business because he saw that not many people were interested in it at the trading centre. \\  John is a senior four leaver.\\ ​ His work experience is he knows which goods to buy buy and when. He strives in pricing his goods such that he gets a good profit without overcharging people.\\ ​ He sells; many hardware items like, slashers, sickles, weighing scales, spades, shovels hoes and many others.\\ ​ He has been in business for 8 years and 5 in this business.\\ ​ He is a sole trader. He says being alone make him conflict free from a partner.\\ ​ He worked for someone before starting his own. He made some savings to start this business.\\ ​ He was mentored by a friend.\\ ​ He keeps proper records of all his transaction. Decides which goods to buy by consulting his records. Kenneth always makes a written budget.\\ ​ Kenneth says he has a formal accounting accounting practice.\\ ​ He knows his competitors;​ they are not many.\\ ​ He markets his business by making proper display as he is by the roadside.\\ ​ His location is good. Easily seen by new comers. It is free from crime.\\ ​ Kenneth has a Business Plan and a stated Mission Statement.\\ ​ He does not have employees.\\ ​ His suppliers are wholesalers in Kampala. He can not buy from Gulu because of their high prices.\\ ​ He gets his products back to Gulu by public means ... bus.\\ ​ He gets information about the best people to buy from from his friends and also from the phone calls.\\ ​ Schools, institutions,​ and individuals make his customers. He does not give credits.\\ \\  Kenneth has the following challenges:​\\ ​
 +  * not having enough customers during most months.
 +  * fluctuation in prices
 +  * domestic demands
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